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Zombie Kidz Evolution - IELLO
Zombie Kidz Evolution - IELLO

Zombie Kidz Evolution

Scorpion Masque
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The Game That Evolves Play After Play.

Zombies have overrun your school! Gather all your friends around this cooperative game and work together to develop the best strategy to drive off these horrible creatures! 

Zombie Kidz Evolution is an evolving game: the more you play and complete special missions, achievements, the more the game evolves.


• 1 double-sided Game Board
• 1 Zombie Die
• 4 Hero Tokens
• 8 Zombie Tokens
• 4 Lock Tokens
• 8 Plastic Standees
• 13 sealed Evolution envelopes
• 1 Rulebook (which includes 1 sticker sheet and 1 zombie hunter passport)

Zombie Kidz Evolution is part of the Little Monsters game collection.


Ranked #1 on the BoardGameGeek Childrens' Games list.

"[...] the idea of creating a legacy game for kids is brilliant–it’s a game that comes with its own sticker chart, and you know how motivating those are."
- Jonathan H. Liu (GeekDad)