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Steam Park: Robots - IELLO

Steam Park: Robots

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Everything is getting fancier in Roboburg!


Thanks to the amazing income gathered by the City Hall through the rather unpopular (but quite effective) Dirt Cleaning Tax the Mayor has decreed that every citizen is eligible to get free chassis upgrade!


The most famous Roboburgers even received major luxury treatment, as a sign of respect and appreciation. Because of their shiny, new golden bodies, though, some vain little fellas started calling themselves V.I.R (Verry Important Robots) to the chagrin of the rest of the town...


With Steam Park: Robots, you will be able to exploit this "Robourgeoisie" to collect even more money and get away with it. But beware! V.I.R. are picky and don't get along well with the rest of the Roboburgers, so you will have to make them feel special, if you want them in your Parks!

* Steam Park base game is required to play!