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Shadows over Normandie: Errata - IELLO
Shadows over Normandie: Errata - IELLO

Shadows over Normandie: Errata

Devil Pig Games
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This Errata Pack contains the following modifications:

For Shadows over Normandie Core Box:

  • Ariane's drake (marker x1): backside modified to be the same as in the rules,
  • Deep One grenade (markers x3): range and "Jury-rigged" special ability added,
  • Deep One panzerfaust (markers x3): "Jury-rigged" special ability added,
  • Reef-Breaker (unit): it's now a Large Creature, name modified,
  • Grenade template: missing,
  • Pitchfork (customization): Assault-Long Distance special ability added
  • Instant Madness (3 different markers): name in red because with the new rules, this means you play them instantly,
  • Hypnotic Cloud (template): cost in Suppressed token is missing


  • Ghouls (unit x2): New movement value when Burrower special ability is activated,
  • Bless Blade (spell): new Suppressed token cost,
  • Sense Life (spell): spell totally modified,
  • Cthulhu's Claws (Gear): Army point cost modified for a better balance,
  • Serum Dart Gun (Gear): the multiplier is modified from "x4" to "x3",
  • Byakhee (unit): value and rules of special ability "Claws" modified,
  • Nightgaunt (unit): value and rules of special ability "Claws" modified.


  • Zombies (unit): one token is missing,
  • Eldrich Ichor (marker): missing,
  • Suppurator (marker): one is missing,
  • Suppurator (customization): missing.


  • Reef Breaker (core box): a special recruitment tile with slots,
  • Medic (core box): new marker layout with the "-2" effect,
  • Level 1, 2, 3 (Level Up): upgraded version with one side for human and one side for the Myth.