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The IELLO Story

Founded in 2004 in Nancy, France by Cédric Barbé and Patrice Boulet, IELLO is today a worldly acclaimed game publisher.

The company started as an online TCG seller and slowly morphed into a wholesale distributor. In 2008, we diversified ourselves in the co-publishing of board games by localizing foreign games for the French market.

This new activity naturally led us to publish our own creations in 2009.

Since 2012, the brand’s American subsidiary is bringing worldwide attention to the distribution of IELLO games, making IELLO a major actor in a growing industry. This success is quickly leading to market penetration in further territories such as Europe, Asia and South America.



Our #1 goal is to bring people together through our board games. 

At IELLO, our mission is to create visually captivating games that are intriguing enough to pick up and impossible to put down. From children's and family games to party and card games, to strategy games of every variety, we want to provide games of high quality and immense replayability. 

We believe in fostering genuine connections with our board gaming family and we strive to provide the best customer service in the game industry. 

We are at the forefront of innovation when it comes to board games and we hold ourselves to a high standard for our fans. 

We respect, value, and reward our team and their commitment to the brand and the company. 

We promote inclusion, tolerance, and diversity.

We respect, value, and reward our consumers for their loyalty and support.

We respect, value, and reward our partners (retailers, distributors, studios, designers, artists) for their business.

We work hard to ensure customers receive quality products correctly and on time, every time.