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Because we value our reviewers network, we want to honor their work and dedication by creating a page on our website just for them. 

You will find here the reviews they made for our games sorted by date. 

Click and learn how to play our games or just to know what they think of them. Whatever the reason, click!

03/22/2021 Review of Detective Charlie (Dad Suggests)

03/08/2021 Review of Royal Visit (The Opinionated Gamers)

02/26/2021 Review of Royal Visit (Game Boy Geek)

02/23/2021 Review Mountains of Madness (Dice Breaker) 

02/10/2021  Review of Ishtar (Board Game Geek)

02/06/2021 Review of Schotten Totten 2 (Before You Play)

02/01/2021 Review of Kitara (Big Boss Battle)

01/25/2021 Review of King of Tokyo Dark (Board Game Geek)

01/16/2021 Review of Kitara  (BoardGameCo)

01/14/2021 Review of Kitara (The Cinemeeple)

01/20/2021 Review of Superfly (Casual Game Revolution)

11/04/2020 Review of Bunny Kingdom (The Hungry Gamer)

12/20/2020 Review of Kitara (The Meeple Mountain)

12/20/2020 Review of Master Word  (The Meeple Mountain)

12/25/2020 Review of Schotten Totten 2 (Just Push Start)

10/30/2020 Review of Little Town (The Game Vine)

10/21/2020 Review of Ishtar (The Game Vine)

10/14/2020 Review of Bunny Kingdom (Funny Game Review)

10/04/2020 Review of Ishtar (The Charity Boardgamer)

10/02/2020 Review of Flyin' Goblin (Casual Game Revolution)

09/25/2020 Review of Kraken Attack (Ruel Gaviola)

09/16/2020 Review of King of Tokyo (Ruel Gaviola)

09/13/2020 Best Memory Games (Dad Suggests)

09/09/2020 Review of Flash 8 (Casual Game Revolution)

08/31/2020 Review of Master Fox (The Game Vine)

08/23/2020 Review of Flyin' Goblin (The Game Vine)

08/19/2020 Review of Decrypto (Shut Up & Sit Down)

08/18/2020 Review of KOT Dark (The Opinionated Gamers)

08/17/2020 Review of KOT Dark (The Game Vine)

08/14/2020 Review of Time Bomb Evolution (The CardBoard Stacker)

08/13/2020 Review of Mia London and 625 Scoundrels (Board Game Geek)

08/10/2020 Review of Biblios (Unfiltered Gamer)

08/02/2020 Review of The Legend of Wendigo (Dad Suggests)

07/17/2020 Review of KOT Dark (The Game Boy Geek)

07/14/2020 Review of Little Town (Sahms Reviews)

07/03/2020 Review of Kanagawa (Punch Board Media) en español

06/26/2020 Review of Break the Code (The Opinionated Gamers)

06/22/2020 Review of King of Tokyo Dark Edition (Game Tyrant)

06/22/2020 Review Sticky Chameleons (Punch Board Media) en español, el juego viene con las instrucciones en español tambien

06/18/2020 Review The Legend of the Wendigo (Casual Game Revolution)

06/12/2020 Review of Biblios (The Game Boy Geek)

06/12/2020 Review of Schotten Totten (The Game Boy Geek)

06/12/2020 Review of Stay Cool (The Game Boy Geek)

06/12/2020 Review of Welcome Back To The Dungeon (The Game Boy Geek)

06/12/2020 Review of Welcome to the Dungeon (The Game Boy Geek)

06/12/2020 Review of King of New York (The Game Boy Geek)

06/12/2020 Review of King of Tokyo (2nd Edition) (The Game Boy Geek)

06/12/2020 Review of Kanagawa Yokai (The Game Boy Geek)

06/12/2020 Review of Kanagawa (The Game Boy Geek)

06/12/2020 Review of Decrypto (The Game Boy Geek)

06/12/2020 Review of Ishtar (The Game Boy Geek)

06/10/2020 Review King of Tokyo Dark Edition (Punch Board Media) - Para nuestros jugadores de habla Hispana

06/01/2020 How to Play Medieval Academy (Over Knight Games) 

05/22/2020 Review of Decrypto (Funny Game Review)

04/30/2020 Review Kraken Attack (Dad Suggests)

04/26/2020 Review Break the Code (The Opinionated Gamers)

04/25/2020 Review of Break the Code (The Opinionated Gamers)

04/07/2020 Review of Decrypto & Laser Drive (Sahms Reviews)

03/30/2020 Review of Flyin'Goblin (Tabletop Island)

02/12/2020 Review of Kanagawa & Yokai (Sahms Reviews)

12/15/2019 Best Board Games for 3 years old (Dad Suggests)

11/19/2019 Review of Ishtar (Sahms Reviews)

10/18/2019 Review of Ninja Academy (The Opinionated Gamers)

10/17/2019 Review of Little Town (The Opinionated Gamers)

10/10/2019 Review of Decrypto Laser Drive (The Opinionated Gamers)

08/18/2019 Review SOS Dino (Dad Suggests)

07/18/2019 Review of Legendary Forests (Sahms Reviews)

07/05/2019 Review Bunny Kingdom (Meeple Mountain)

05/17/2019 Review of SOS Dino (Table Top Family)

04/29/2019 Review of Farmini (Table Top Family)

04/05/2019 Review of Fairy Tile (Sahms Reviews)

03/17/2019 Review Zombie Kidz Evolution (Dad Suggests)

09/14/2018 Review of The Legend of the Cherry Tree (The Opinionated Gamers)

09/06/2018 Review of Fairy Tile (The Opinionated Gamers)

09/03/2018 Review of The Legend of the Cherry Tree (Sahms Reviews)

08/2018 Review of SOS Dino (Dad Suggests)

08/08/2018 Review King of Tokyo (Dad Suggests)

08/01/2018 Review of Raids (Sahms Reviews)

06/08/2018 Review of The Mysterious Forest (Sahms Reviews)

03/30/2018 Review Bunny Kingdom (ISlaytheDragon)

03/30/2018 Review of Sticky Chameleons (Sahms Reviews)

01/25/2018 Review of Decrypto (The Opinionated Gamers)

09/26/2017 Review of Sticky Chameleons (The Opinionated Gamers)

08/23/2017 Review of Mountains of Madness (Samantha Nelson)

08/13/2017 Review of The Legend of the Wendigo (Sahms Reviews)

05/13/2017 Review of Pyramids (The Opinionated Gamers)

05/09/2017 Review of Rent-A-Hero (The Opinionated Gamers)

05/07/2017 Review of Ninja Taisen (The Opinionated Gamers)

04/25/2017 Review of The Legend of the Wendigo (The Opinionated Gamers)

12/19/2016 Review of Oceanos (The Opinionated Gamers)

10/03/2016 Review of Master Fox (Sahms Reviews)

09/03/2016 Review Schotten Totten (The Opinionated Gamers)

07/08/2016 Review of Sea of Clouds (The Opinionated Gamers)

04/30/2016 Review of Tem-Purr-A (The Opinionated Gamers)

04/04/2016 Review of Welcome to the Dungeon (The Opinionated Gamers)

03/26/2016 Review of Loot N Run (The Opinionated Gamers)

01/18/2016 Review of The Big Book of Madness (The Opinionated Gamers)

11/22/2015 Review of Medieval Academy (The Opinionated Gamers)

07/25/2015 Review of Master Fox (The Opinionated Gamers)

01/07/2015 Review of King of New York (The Opinionated Gamers)