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Zoo Run: The Great Escape and A Grand Prix in one box!

Zoo Run: One box, two games for the little ones from 4 years-old and older

Have you ever seen a panda, a lynx, a lama, an elephant and a turtle team up to escape the zoo? With Zoo Run, it’s a common occurrence! With your help, of course!

A crazy adventure is about to begin, an adventure with two different speeds.

The first adventure is the Great Escape, designed for our younger players (4+). We cooperate to free as many animals as possible! We need to hurry before the zookeeper and his big net come back and catch the naughty animals trying to escape the pen. As soon as he returns, he closes the door and it’s all over…

What do you do? You line your cards up cleverly to put the animal pictures back together. The more animals you put back together, the more animals you can free! Would you look at them playing in the hills freely? They look so happy!

And so to have fun, they build karts with everything they can find. This one found a yellow umbrella to protect them from the sun! This one found bamboo sticks to stick to his kart while chewing on the leaves! And this one found straw to make a backrest that’s nice and comfy!

And here we go! We are ready for our second adventure with the (slightly) older ones (6+)! The race of the year is about to start…. On your mark, ready… set... go!

The karts are each one more beautiful and faster than the last. There they go, hurtling down the hill at an incredible speed. The lynx barely avoids the snail sign. They work the turn like crazy to get back on the track. It’s madness!

Similar mechanics, you line up your cards to put as many animal pictures back together as possible. At the same time, you get a crown everytime you put a picture of your favorite animal back together. You must care for your crowns well because they will help you win in the case of a tie between players. 

We all play at the same time and rush to be the first at the finish line! Even the turtle can slip through your fingers with its pretty kart (which comes with its own umbrella!), pfff… Do be careful of the lynx in his purple race car though!

Two games in one box with two different game boards, irresistible characters, super simple mechanics to play wild games with your young ones. Quality time and big laughs guaranteed for the younger and the older!

Zoo Run is available at your LGS, most toy stores as well as our website. MSRP $19.99

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