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Today, let's celebrate World Play Day together!

It is an event supported by the International Toy Library Association (ITLA) which is held every year on 28th May, since 2015. 


It is an important day that highlights the importance of playing for child development. UNESCO states that " the encouragement of creativity from an early age is one of the best guarantees of growth in a healthy environment of self-esteem and mutual respect – critical ingredients for building a culture of peace.”

World Play Day's goal is to recognize that right internationally, and to celebrate it everywhere. It is, unlike other official "days", more of an attitude of connecting generations through play, rather than planned events.

This year, the theme is 'Be Safe, Play at Home!'. To encourage everyone to participate in this day, and to show that everyone can play, not only children, you can download ITLA Play Day 2020 Booklet here, and do the activities with your family!

Children's well-being and access to play is a cause that we, at IELLO and LOKI, hold dear. That is why to celebrate this day, we encourage everyone to take a moment in their day, get together with their family, children, parents, grandparents, and share a game. After all, we are never too old to play!

Here is a suggestion list of good IELLO and LOKI games to play with all members of your family:



The newest and collector edition of the mythical King of Tokyo!

In this game, giant monsters confront each other to be the best monster in town! Fun and easy to play for everyone, success guaranteed!

KOT box top

And if you want more wickedness, a more mature design, and a 2-player variant, go for the newest and collector edition: King of Tokyo - Dark Edition!

kot dark



Flyin' Goblin is a hilarious game that encompasses dexterity as well as silliness.

You've got to aim right if you want to catapult your soldiers where you want in the castle and get gold or diamonds.

If your aim is true and your army strong, you've reunited the conditions necessary to win the game! Glory and fortune will be yours!

Crazy, amusing but also tactical, Flyin' Goblin is the ideal game to have fun with friends and family by having unfortunate goblins fly and fall. 

flyin goblin box top



Kraken Attack is a cooperative game all about coordinating your actions to defend your ship against attacks from all sides: both port and starboard, from bow to stern! Use your sabers and pistols to push back the closer tentacles, and your cannons for the ones further away. 

kraken attack mockup



Brave the big Troll and the terrible Dragon to gather many treasures for your king and win the game!
But beware, the more you fill up your bag, the riskier it gets to wake up the monster and lose everything… Will you escape in time? 
Fun for both children and adults! 

troll & dragon


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