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Time Bomb Evolution: And… Cut!

Sherlock’s pocket watch displayed a message in shiny characters from Moriarty.

- “My dear friend, there are six. Goodbye!”

Sherlock closed the watch with frustration. The young woman took a deep breath as the evening fog slowly returned to haunt the city. A grin formed itself on the woman’s lips. 

- “Let the game begins!”

Sherlock and Moriarty. Moriarty and Sherlock. The incredible duel will soon have an epic conclusion as Moriarty and his partner have booby-trapped London’s most famous landmarks. The only remaining obstacle to Moriarty's diabolical plan is Sherlock's team, more determined than ever before to save the crown!

Time Bomb Evolution is a new Mini Game that will be available in just a few more days. Time Bomb… wait what? Who are you??


Moriarty: My turn to talk! What are you even talking about! This is just taking too long! I want to talk about Time Bomb Evolution, not Time Bomb!

Sherlock: Why do you always have to be the center of attention...

Moriarty: Alright, my dear nemesis, what’s new with Time Bomb?

Sherlock: Well in this Time Bomb Evolution, there are a few bombs to defuse. They will all explode as soon as four bombs of the same color have been found. 


Moriarty: Yes! It will be spectacular!

Sherlock: However, I will prevent this from happening by finding as many defusing cables as they are players. 

Moriarty: That’s what you think! But are the colors the only thing that has changed? Really? I wouldn’t go as far as calling this an “evolution”!


Sherlock: Let’s be clear: with Time Bomb Evolution, you will get to choose your game. There’s Time Bomb, that we all know so well, with its stress and bluffing that give the game so much appeal. Howeer, you can also activate the Evolution mode and make your games more dynamic than ever before! Each bomb that goes off now has special properties. 

Moriarty: Effects? Could you be more precise, dearie?

Sherlock: Every time a bomb is found, she will set off unique properties that will render the game considerably more fun. For instance, the green bomb goes off faster than any other color. You only need 3 cards of the green bomb to win the game. The red bomb will designate the next player to cut the cables: it will put an end to players teaming up against other players. The pink bomb is extremely unstable. 2 pink bombs and Big Ben will go big boom! As for orange bombs, they have the tendency to make the game end more rapidly…

Moriarty: This is all so deliciously perverse! Looks like I’ll win every time!

Sherlock: Wait a second! The defusing cables also have special properties! Each cable obtained can deactivate the last bomb activated.

Moriarty: Are you kidding me! It’s way too easy like that.

Sherlock: Well, not really. Yellow bombs can never be deactivated. And blue bombs reactivate all the defused bombs. This property is actually really fun because it can reactivate a bomb…. And it will explode all of a sudden!

Moriarty: Man! This is really tempting! Do I need Time Bomb to play Time Bomb Evolution?

Sherlock: Not at all! The game is completely independent. The Evolution variation is optional to take it slower discovering the game.

Moriarty: With all these new properties, the game becomes even more unpredictable, right? 

Sherlock: Absolutely! The properties of the bombs are really unpredictable and will prevent certain strategies. The defusing and bluffing experts will have to learn which cables to cut all over again!

Moriarty: I can already think about an overwhelming amount of possible strategies! If a pink bomb is found, a player that also has one must do everything to call attention to himself! This is so deceitful!

Sherlock: the cables will be the source of my thrilling strategies as well! Which bomb to defuse? Which series is the most dangerous? Where must I stop your growing progression first? Who can I trust?

Moriarty: More than ever, our ability to distinguish our allies from our enemies will be key!

Sherlock: That’s right. It will be the paragon of bluff, intuition, and deduction. Time Bomb Evolution is simply an awesome game. 

Moriarty: you forgot the most important part, old friend! Look at us! We have ultra badass style!

Sherlock: I have to say, the amazing Biboun sure outdid himself this time! And our allies are just as fantastic! I’m looking forward to the beginning of the games! Will I be seeing you in London sis’?

Moriarty: Nope! The United States of America is my next stop. 

Sherlock: And we will see you at your local game stores starting on the 7th of May! It is time to invite some friends to the table. But, are they really…. Your friends? 

Moriarty: * diabolical laugh *

Time Bomb Evolution is a game from Yusuke Sato, illustrated by Biboun. It will be available on May 7th in your local game stores and May 21st online. It is part of the Mini Games collection.

For more information on Time Bomb Evolution click here!

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