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Interview of Stephan Brissaud, COO of IELLO USA

To mark the beginning of the "Meet the Team" series, we have decided to ask the founder of our US branch, Stephan Brissaud, a few questions. He has had his COO hat on for 8 years now and has enabled IELLO to expand to the American continent.

The first question we want to ask and think is crucial to ask in today’s world is: what is IELLO USA’s position on the topic of discrimination?

SPB: Any form of discrimination, including racism of prejudice have never been welcomed at the IELLO table and won’t ever be. At IELLO, we follow a strict code of conduct and prohibit discrimination, harassment, or bullying of any form whether it is from anyone at IELLO, or a IELLO partner or vendor. Employment at IELLO is based solely upon individual merit and qualifications directly related to professional competence. We have a zero tolerance policy for unlawful discrimination or harassment of any kind. It is really important to us and is actively enforced.

Because we know our readers are first and foremost gamers, let's come back to the game board: what does IELLO have in store for the rest of the year? 

SPB: The end of the year will not be quite as busy as we’d originally planned, however, it will still be full of surprises. We and Scorpion Masqué, our dear friends from Quebec, will be releasing another co-published party game: Master Word. It will be equal to Decrypto’s in terms of entertainment and will ensure entire evenings of laughs and fun. For the start of the school year, LOKI’s latest creation will be released. Coming from one of our star game designers, Theo Riviere (SOS Dino, Flyin’ Goblin), Detective Charlie is the first investigative game for children. The illustrations from Piper Thibodeau are absolutely fabulous and the plot is just adorable. It is a cooperative and progressive game that our youngest starting age 7 will definitely love!

Later this year we will also release Schotten Totten 2, an asymmetric sequel to the Reiner Knizia best seller, still illustrated by Djib, where one player is the assailant and the other is defending the castle, with similar mechanics as Schotten Totten. Another Mini game with a mini price and maxi fun! We worked on 2 games with Reiner Knizia this year, and will release Royal Visit, a tug-of-war game where you try to convince the King to visit your Duchy.. 

And then there's the star of the year, Kitara, a sumptuously illustrated by Miguel Coimbra (Mountains of Madness) conquest game with a ton of replayability potential. The game is truly unique and captivating. 

Lastly, Zombie Teenz Evolution, the sequel to Zombie Kidz Evolution, is as totally and completely flawless as all the other games Scorpion Masqué entrusts us with! Anyways, this should be enough to fill up Santa Claus’ sack this year!

Lastly, King of Tokyo will be celebrating its 10 years at the start of next year. This year, we released King of Tokyo Dark Edition, an incredible limited edition of the game. Will there be other surprises as our best-seller blows its ten candles? 

SPB: Yes, that’s right! King of Tokyo will blow its 10 candles in the spring of next year. We are still moved by all the enthusiasm we get from our fans. The success of King of Tokyo Dark only goes to show that. The Monster promos have become must-haves for collectors over time. So yes, for these past 10 years of wild King of Tokyo games we will provide our faithful gamers with a ton of amazing surprises… We will reboot our Organized Play program around King of Tokyo, and many international monster promos will arrive in 2021.  Beside that, all the other projects are Top Secret so stay tuned!

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