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SPIEL 2020: The Nominated IELLO Games!

It just came out! The prestigious Spiel des Jahres 2020 prize for best game of the year nominations were announced this morning. We are proud and honored to say that multiple IELLO games were nominated and recommended for the award. 

Games recommended:

Among numerous options, the jury decided to feature one IELLO game and one LOKI game. 

Little Town (nominated for the golden Ace at the FIJ 2020) is a game of worker placement, very subtle and intuitive which also requires strategy and is best enjoyed and played with family and friends. It is also fairly easy to get a hold of and its depth enables its players to develop their own style of playing. 

The game takes place in a valley full of raw materials. During each turn, the players put their workers in the most strategic spots in order to collect adjacent resources, build more structures, or activate the special properties of the buildings already erected. 



Each decision made will have an immediate impact on the game and for all the players involved. In addition, even though it may be tempting to continue building, each player must ensure they have enough resources to feed their workers. After four turns, the player who has accumulated the most victory points throughout the game (constructions, money made, objectives completed) will be named great builder. And players can go again! The board also happens to be reversible and the selection of buildings available is so great it enables players to cumulate games. 

Now, onto the next game. Zoo Run (LOKI), is a card game particularly clever where you will be able to free animals taken prisoners by piecing back together their picture and race around the zoo. Zoo Run will take you on a wild adventure among the animals of the zoo. The box comes with two different games so that, depending on the mood, it is fun for one or fun for more than one! Work together to free as many animals as possible before the zookeeper comes back. Thus, they will have to confront each other in a wild and frenzied karting race. 

We would like to thank the Spiel jury for this nomination and this recommendation. As always, they will push us to be better as well as finding, making and developing games that appeal to us and we hope, that appeal to you. These two games are available at your local game stores or on our website. 

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