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On our way to Essen SPIEL 2019!

Off we go! This week we take all our games, our pretty decor, most of our staff, charge our batteries, and jump in our minivan on our way to Essen! Yes, this year it will be an incredible show!

There will be gaming!

Two thousand, but no, that’s not the number of coffees that will be drunk during the day (although...), but rather, that is the number of square feet dedicated to games in the IELLO booth; 2,045 square feet to be exact.

On the menu, or more accurately, the demo tables, you will be able to play (and replay!) Ishtar, Little Town, Ninja Academy, and so many other amazing games!

Completely immersed in the gaming world with a setting better than the real world, visiting IELLO at Essen will let you experience games intense and fun! Our crack demo team will lead you on your journey through the IELLO universe so that you can make the most of your visits to our booth.

It will look pretty much like that!


You may have guessed that this is our booth number. Write it down on your map, on your smartphone, on the palm of your hand, wherever! Don’t forget though, when you bump into members of the IELLO team anywhere, don’t be shy, chat with us! It is always a pleasure to answer your questions!

Woof !

Our brand of children's games, LOKI, this year moves into its own dedicated booth, all by itself. Sigh. Our puppy is all grown up, with its own space, and can be found standing on its own four paws! 

To find LOKI, go to booth 3-G100. Children of all ages can play Little Battle, Zoo Run and Monsieur Carrousel and even meetLOKI! Our awesome pup is frequently found in th corner of an alley, and loves taking pictures and giving hugs!

Want your game signed?

    Bruno Cathala, co-author of the game Ishtar, will be present in our booth to autograph your game:

      Thursday and Saturday from 11AM to 12PM and from 4PM to 5PM.

      Sunday from 11AM to 12PM.

   What a great opportunity to chat with the author and leave with a unique memory in your box!

Special offers!

Shopping at the IELLO store is fun every year! This year, however, we’ve decided to go bigger, and now you can shop in each of our booths, with awesome opportunities to acquire great games in both the IELLO and LOKI booths!.

In each location you will enjoy some pretty special offers, lovingly concocted especially for Essen. They’re a secret, but we’re telling you now so you can get prepared;)

At the IELLO shop, with a 20 €+ purchase, you will get a CyberKitty pin, and with a purchase of 40 €+, you will get the superb Ishtar tote bag (100% Organic cotton).

At LOKI we’ll have every game available in a multilingual format; with Little Battle, Farmini, Zoo Run, Troll & Dragon, Mr. Carrousel and SOS DINO all there! You’ll get a free jigsaw puzzle will with for 20 €+ purchase, and an adorable plush for 40 €+.

We are waiting for you !

Essen SPIEL is just around the corner, and we sincerely look forward to seeing you there. We love seeing gamers discovering our new games, we love playing with you all, and we love the spiral fries!

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