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Monsieur Carrousel: Let’s Ride!

Do you guys love funfairs? Us, too! And that’s why Loki, our all-time favorite mascot, asked Sara Zirian to create a radiant game, illustrated with soft pastel colors by Apolline Etienne. Thus, Monsieur Carrousel was born. It’s a cooperative game for our youngest players (starting age 4) where they will have to find a seat on the carousel for each of the children in the game. 

There’s an insane amount of choice in terms of seating and different levels of difficulty. You must roll the dice to place a child on an empty seat of the carousel and you should try to remember where each child was first seated. That information will be useful later, trust us! In order to remember, you may invent a little story as the kid token will be put on the beautiful wooden carousel. Naughty Lulu holds tight her bunny stuffed animal, Monsieur Carrousel showed her the crocodile mount on the carousel but she’s afraid it might swallow her bunny in one gulp! Leanne is as light as a butterfly and Liam who dreams of becoming an astronaut is thrilled when Monsieur Carrousel points him to the rocket mount on the carousel. 

Beware of the weather! As soon as the child has found a seat on the carousel, turn it around without losing sight of them and sing "Carousel, carousel, turn all day. Sun, sun, sun, keep the rain away! " Paul chose the pretty green tractor but when the carousel stopped turning, he landed on the raining side of the board… You’ll have to add a drop of rain. When you’ve placed all the drops of rain, Monsieur Carrousel will have to close down the carousel and the game will be over…

Mimi, always smiling, sat on the mischievous dolphin and now the carousel is turning. It stopped on the side of the sun, hooray! Hurry and add a ray of sunshine. 

The game will end when all of the children have been on the carousel, there is no way we are leaving children behind! Unless rain starts falling down…

Discover Monsieur Carrousel, an amazing game containing a real self-assembly wooden carousel, 12 wooden kid tokens each one cuter than the last, and 6 seating discs with different difficulty levels. A very soft and poetic game to keep our youngest players entertained.

The rulebook comes in 5 languages including English, Spanish and French.

Monsieur Carrousel - $ 34.99 - Age: 4+ - Players: 1 to 6 - Duration: 15 min

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