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LOKI Mini Games: In a farm or on a mysterious island?

You don’t have to choose! Get both!

What does the big bad wolf eating the farmer's chickens and a group of naughty adventurers greedy for gold coins have in common? They are the two themes of Loki’s mini games, the mischievous little dog!

Their small size makes them really easy to take with you on vacation of summer camp for hilarious games between friends. You can even play it in the car!

In Farmini, spring has arrived and you’ll get to participate in a contest organized by the town to win the farm of the year trophy! You’ll have to gather the most animals in your pens and plant the most corn. Now it’s your turn to play! There’s always a solo version and a variant to spice things up for those who already play the game really well.




With Little Battle, next stop El Capulco! On this mysterious island is a beach where chests full of treasures are buried… Gather up a band of happy adventurers to find as many treasures possible… But be careful, the other teams will do anything to prevent you from swiping all the gold coins!

These two gems are for children age 5 and up and can be found for very small prices in all your LGS or your favorite toy stores. They’re easily fit in any bags for good times and great stories told as you’re playing the game. Once again, Loki found a way to spoil our youngest ones! 


Farmini - $11.99 - Age: 5+ - Players: 1 to 4 & Duration: 15 min

Little Battle - $11.99 - Age: 5+ - Players: 3 to 5 & Duration: 15 min

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