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King of Tokyo Dark Edition: Wickedly Dark

It’s already been 3 months since we released our dark and limited version of King of Tokyo and perhaps a little less since it arrived at your house. It’s time to check in with you!

First, there’s the box. Dark. Mysterious. And the cover that catches your attention instantly, no title, no logo. For those enlightened it’s both intimate and worrying. The ruins of skyscrapers and a monster staring you down. Immobilizing. Exciting. Galvanizing. Welcome to another universe. Another universe you’re already familiar with, though. Now the ritual must begin: the time has come to open the box. There’s excitement, a deep desire. Some apprehension, perhaps? It’s a time of remembrance, too. Your first game of King of Tokyo, how long ago was it? Wow, already! Time sure goes by quickly…


Then, the world turned dark...

You took off the plastic wrap and you’ve now opened the box. We hadn’t lied. The Dark Edition was created for King of Tokyo fans by King of Tokyo fans. Each element of the game was carefully crafted for you to enjoy first and foremost. King of Tokyo Dark Edition is passion in its purest form: it’s the intensity of a rare pleasure you’ve accepted. 

As for your favorite monsters, they’re here. All six of them. Ready to confront each other but enhanced in an alternate universe from which they draw novel powers. You’ve already located “yours,” the one who has and will accompany you, just freed from its cardboard casing, enabling him to single-handedly destroy entire streets. 

The energy cubes are shining, luxurious even. And the dice, yes, the dice! We know exactly how it went. You looked at them, felt them in your hands, glanced through them because the fact that they’re translucent really appeals to you. You smiled, didn’t you? Us too, we did the same thing.



And now the cards… You took them in your hands, felt the softness of a brand new pack of cards. You slowly looked through them, one at a time, appreciating the novelty and familiarity of each and every one of them. This was an intimate moment between you and Paul. It’s Pulp with a side of Sin City. This is a sacred moment and it’s time to give you and Paul some space to enjoy it. 

Wickedness Praised...

However, a beautiful game is not enough. It has to be excellent, too. This is when the new game mechanic invented by Richard comes into play (literally). A little thing that changes everything: Wickedness. A state of mind that has for purpose to take you by surprise and bring novelty to the way you read the dice. In addition to the victory points, the 1 and 2 of the dice enable you to craft an impressive strategy which will be in accordance with the powers you will choose to go after. 

To put it simply, and elegantly, the Wickedness enables you to create combos as unexpected as they will be destructive. Yes, nothing more. Should you keep what you got? Roll the dice again? Each decision you make will have more weight than ever before due to the array of possibilities now available to you at the very heart of the battle. 

Now it’s your turn to play

Frankly, yes. For three months you’ve had this game, it’s been raining praises and pleasure is at its height. We now pass the baton to you, proud of the flawless work we have accomplished, down to the very last detail. This Dark Edition of King of Tokyo is up to our wildest and most wicked expectations which is not surprising for us connoisseurs of Wickedness, now is it?

Monstrously yours,

The IELLO Team 

King of Tokyo - Dark Edition

  • A Richard Garfield game
  • Darkened by Paul Mafayon

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