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King of Tokyo - Dark Edition: Are You Ready to Get Wicked?

The battle for Dark Tokyo rages! Gigazaur stomps into the city, spreading carnage and devastation in his wake. Alienoid comes into play shooting a laser gun, whilst from the other side of the wreckage, The King takes charge and pounds on his chest! Beyond the shadows, one can sense that all the monsters have a strange sneer, an awful smile at the corner of their mouths, full of depravity and savageness… What if being crowned King of Tokyo was just a pretext? What if they just wanted a reason… to be wicked?

A Maliciously Magnificent Dark Edition

King of Tokyo - Dark Edition is more than just a beautiful collector’s edition of the bestselling King of Tokyo. It’s not only a new look and homage to the biggest American Pulp characters done with the awesome style of Paul Mafayon. No. It also introduces a new and twisted mechanic to the classic Richard Garfield game: the Wickedness mechanic!

  Look! Here we have Tokyo in its Darkest version. Did you notice the new tracker on the edge of the board? You’re right, this didn’t exist in the original version of the game and is exclusive to this new Dark edition.

 You may have realized that this track corresponds to a type of gauge, indicating your character’s Wickedness. The higher you move your Wickedness, the more devastating effects you can gain.


“At the end of the movie, the bad guys always win!”

While setting up King of Tokyo - Dark Edition, stack the Wickedness tiles next to spaces 3, 6, and 10 of the gauge. These tiles are double-sided, with a “red” side and a “green” side each with different effects. Once you’ve played a few games, you can play with either or both colors. A wooden marker for each monster will keep track of their progression on the Wickedness Gauge.



As soon as a player progresses high enough to reach a Wickedness tile, they choose one and place it in front of themselves, unlocking new gameplay effects and granting them what could be decisive advantages. Be careful, Wickedness isn’t for everyone! There are only 4 tiles at levels 3 and 6, and only 2 at level 10! Only the quickest to anger will be able to release their fury!

 Clearly, tiles gained at level 3 are less powerful than those gained at levels 6 and 10, which represents your monster’s evolution across the shadowy path of aggression.

 Once a player claims a tile, other players will have to settle for the unchosen tiles. Every game will be different!


“But how do you become so mean?”

Here’s where you have to ask yourself: “Okay, but how do you act mean?” The answer is simple: when you roll the dice, you just have to roll “triple 1s” or “triple 2s.”

Each “triple 1” you roll gives you 2 Wickedness points, and each “triple 2” gives you 1 point. No longer will you incessantly reroll your “1s”!



 The good news is that you don’t have to choose between Victory and Wickedness: a “triple 1” ALSO gives you 1 victory point, and a “triple 2” gives you 2 victory points. Notice that “triple 3s” don’t give you any Wickedness points: 3 victory points is already a lot…


“A mean desire... to roll the dice”

From now on when you roll the dice, a new choice opens up. You no longer have to concentrate solely on gaining victory points, energy charges, or smashes, but also on becoming ever more Wicked and refining your strategy to gain particularly meaningful bonuses. Are you a fighter? What would you do to have a health level that goes all the way to 12 and immediately heals you? Do you like energy? What if every Energy you gain is doubled until the end of the game?



 Do you like to have options? Go ahead and take this extra die! Each Wickedness tile you gain lets you play with more and more varied and efficient strategies!

A Smashing Duo!

 If you consider King of Tokyo - Dark Edition a strictly multiplayer game, wait until you play the two-player variant Richard Garfield designed to make it even more tense.

 During a two-player game, the monster who enters Tokyo gains 1 energy charge instead of a victory point. The goal is no longer to be the first to enter Tokyo and tranquilly gain victory points while your opponent wears themself out trying to displace you. Now, there’s a dynamic focus on the cards to create a game that could go either way with an explosive energy!


With two or more, discover Tokyo as you’ve never seen it before thanks to this exceptional collector’s edition.

 Dark, violent, and exhilarating, King of Tokyo - Dark Edition releases at the end of April. For all the giant, sleeping monsters inside of you, this will be the occasion to rediscover the simple pleasures of smashing, smacking, and destroying… and to make it as Wicked as possible!


  • While playing the game we have had several heated arguments over the Wickedness card “Full Regeneration”. One camp argues that as soon as they get the card they heal up to 12 and that is their new max. The other camp argues that getting the card allows them to heal up to 12 (which is now their new max). Can you clarify this please ? Seems way over-powered that they can heal 11 points and be maxed out. Thanks and have a great day !

    Darryl Morgan
  • Definitely must be more then “Limited Edition” printing.
    Much much more.
    Unless they want gamers and fans to be really frustrate…


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