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A Look Inside Our Newest Board Game: Little Town

You've come across a bountiful land full of resources! Do you have what it takes to be the most talented architect? Test your skills in our newest board game: Little Town, available now at a friendly local game store near you!

Gather and activate your resources, build your buildings, and don't forget to feed your workers! 

Inside Little Town:

Little Town is a tactical, interactive, and fun game where you use your resources to build a magnificent city! Each turn, you can place a Worker on the board, gather nearby resources, and activate buildings from available actions. You will also receive objectives as other ways of gaining victory points.

Remember, its all about the location! Position yourself with care, build in the best places, and anticipate your opponents’ choices to benefit from all possible situations for the best victory! 

What's Inside: 

Little Town comes complete with:

  • 1 Game board (dual-sided) 
  • 29 Building tiles
  • 15 Objectives titles
  • 20 Worker Tokens (white, orange, red, and purple)
  • Resource cubes (15 of each: wood, stone, fish, wheat)
  • 1 Axe token
  • 28 House tokens (white, orange, red, and purple)
  • 24 Coins 
  • 4 Victory point tokens (white, orange, red, and purple)

Recent Little Town Reviews:

"This game is fun and with many building tiles that you only use some of them each game, giving you extra replayability. For me, it has that satisfying feeling when building and then producing resources afterward."
Stella Jahja, Meeple University

"I really like Little Town. It’s a great, quick worker placement/tile placement/resource management game that is easy to teach and works very well for the casual crowd (something IELLO is very good at doing). But even though it’s clearly a light game I feel it also has something to offer board game enthusiasts. There are a lot of interesting decisions to make during the entire game and the “race” to build the bigger, higher-scoring buildings can become very tense."
"If you’re looking for something very accessible and easy to learn, especially in the context of becoming exposed to common core mechanics, Little Town is a nice choice." 


Little Town Game Details:

Little Town is a great family game made for 2-4 players. This would be a great introduction game for children 10+ and is fun for the whole family! With a playing time for 45+ minutes, this game will inspire creativity and encourage strategic skill development. 


  • Area control
  • Tile placement
  • Worker placement


  • 10+

Game Duration:

  • 45+ Minutes

Ready to try out Little Town? Click here to find a copy at your friendly local game store. 

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