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IELLO is relaunching the Gazette! 

IELLO is relaunching the Gazette! 


You guys have been requesting a regular newsletter, today, we have delivered! 

We are relaunching the Gazette!

The IELLO Gazette #1 will be sent out tomorrow. If you haven’t subscribed yet, use this link.

It will be full of news, behind the scenes gossip, contests (FYI: the first one may or may not 😉  involve winning some Dark Space Penguin Promos...). You will be the first ones to know about our new releases (they call it a scoop in journalism 😀 )

We will also be providing you with an email address where you can write to us directly your comments, ideas, remarks, whatever you feel we should know about you and about our games, too. 

We want your kids (aka our youngest gamers) to send us drawings and complete the crafty projects we’ll have for them on there. Of course, all of which will be posted on there as soon as we receive them. All send-ins will be rewarded with goodies, obviously. You know we like to spoil our young artists, here at IELLO. 

For our older gamers, we will post (with your authorization) any game-related pictures you’ll send us. 

The Gazette will serve as a direct link between you and us. We want it to be interactive, abuzz and fun!

Subscribe now if you haven’t yet. Trust us, you don’t want to miss our first Gazette!

Happy Bastille Day to our Frenchie friends out there!

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  • Really love this dark space penguin for the king of Tokyo dark edition game. I believe I submitted my entry for this promo. Wanted to see if the submission was successful?


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