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Flyin’ Goblin: In the Army Now!

After leaving the castle, Hork plopped his heavy sack of gold down at the feet of the Recruiting Sergeant. He didn’t much like the idea of losing his hard-stolen loot, but discipline in the Goblin Air Force was no laughing matter…

- “Here you go, Sarge!” he bellowed, spitting out one of his last remaining teeth. - “One more for the war chest!”
- “Bravo, Soldier! Now, why don’t you sit down for a minute…?”
- “Ah… um…well… I prefer to stand, if it’s all the same to you, Sarge.”
- “Hmmm? Are you sure about that? Fine, then. Come with me and I’ll show you how we use your contributions towards the war effort.”

High-flying Larceny!

“I love the sound of catapults in the morning.”

Let’s start with the basics. You’ve catapulted your Goblins and made off with Gold and Diamonds. That’s a good start. But have you ever asked yourself a deeper question? Why are you stealing in the first place?

In Flyin’ Goblin, there are two ways for your Clan to win; either gather lots of Diamonds or become the first to build your Clan’s totem on the Castle’s ramparts. Whatever your strategy, you’ll need to reinforce your army to do it.

In other words, you’ll have to invest your precious Gold pieces in new troops to get even more powerful and wealthy over the course of the game.

A Little Motivation for the Troops!

Hork followed the Sergeant to the recruitment office. He couldn’t help but tear up thinking of his own recruitment. Back then, he was young, strong, idealistic, and still had all his teeth. But that was a lifetime ago...all the way back on Tuesday. The recruitment office looked like an open-air market full of Goblins for sale, not all of them seemed like they wanted to be there.

Hork couldn’t help but notice one detail:

- “You pay them up-front, Sarge?”
- “Well, of course! Nothing motivates like gold!”
- “No kidding!”
- “… And, in any case, we make the money right back from all the loot.”
Hork nodded mechanically while biting his tongue.


In Flyin’ Goblin, you can spend your loot on several different types of troops:

  • The Soldier

Just toss out a few measly Gold pieces and bam! You’ve got yourself a brand-new Soldier. Just like Hork, they’re not very bright (or even all that useful). But they’re cheap and they give you one more kamikaze to catapult each turn…which means more Gold! Soldiers are key to any strategy because they let you smash enemy Totems and Robbers. Who doesn’t love smashing their enemies?

  • The Captain

The Captain is the cream of the crop, so it’s normal to have to pay him a bit more. Like any brave commander, the Captain leads from the front and gets catapulted just like his troops. However, the Captain is (a little) more clever than the others; he activates the Room that he falls into twice. He always doubles down! The Captain should be used when you’ve spotted a promising room and think you can adjust your catapulting to fling him right into it. But beware of bad aim, because The Captain will also activate any negative effects twice…Good luck!

  • The Robber

What about the Robber? He may not be very expensive, but he isn’t without his risks…This little crook isn’t catapulted: you’ll place him directly onto one of the Roofs of the Castle. There, the rogue waits for his chance to strike. Once the Soldiers are done being catapulted, the Robber (if he’s still standing on a Roof) automatically grabs 1 Diamond for his Clan each turn. If your strategy is “Diamonds are a Gob’s best friend”, you’ll definitely want a few Robbers.

But (and there’s always a but…), if your Robber falls from the Roof under the hail of falling goblins, he won’t earn you anything and can’t get back on the roof. You’ll just have to buy another one. No problem...right?

Towering Totem of Terror!

In the middle of the market, Hork found himself drawn to a curious statue made up of several pieces of wood perched on top of each other. He looked inquisitively at the Sergeant.

- That, my good gob, is the totem of our clan! Be proud to wear its colors! You know, there is an ancient goblin war tradition that says that the first clan that manages to build its totem can declare victory against all others!
- Wow, Sarge, that’s quite a way to show off our bravery…
- True, but more importantly, it helps avoid the senseless slaughter of entire generations by just stacking up a few pieces of wood… 

During the Recruitment phase, you can buy a piece of your Totem and begin building it on one of the Roofs of the Castle. On each following turn, you can buy another piece to continue building your Totem. But watch out: each time the Totem falls, you’ll have to re-purchase the highest piece you had bought so far! Your Totem could end up being quite expensive indeed, assuming your opponents’ aim is good!

Play to Your Strengths Strategically

Hork rubbed his chin thoughtfully, “But Sarge, what’s the best way to win the war? Stealing diamonds or building totems?”

In Flyin’ Goblin, there are plenty of winning strategies. If you’re especially good with the Catapult, Diamonds are probably your best bet; you can send your Captains to gather Diamonds while your Soldiers stymie the enemy advance by blasting their Robbers and Totems. Of course, paying for your Totem is always more impressive, but it’s not for the faint of heart. Your completed Totem has to survive for a whole turn before you can declare entire turn in the crosshairs of all the enemy Catapults. The Totem is reserved for players with nerves of steel!


Hork’s head was spinning. Robbers, totems, diamonds… this war was more complicated than he ever imagined!

- “But Sarge… What’s the best strategy?”
- “The best strategy, soldier, is to be a Recruiting Sergeant. Of course, it’s hard… since you get attached to the recruits, you know? It’s tough to see you all flying off, one after another, knowing that you’ll all end up splattered against some wall. You need a certain level of detachment to do this job, you know? Take you for example: I know that in no more than an hour you’ll be nothing but a greenish wad of goo smeared on top a rampart, trampled by guards… and that just gets to me, you know?
- “Sarge… I don’t feel so good…”
- “I understand how you feel. Here, sit down for a minute…”
- “Thanks, Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarge!”

Hork heard the sound of the cord snapping just as his backside touched the Catapult launching platform. He felt nothing, this was his destiny. No more, no less. The Castle was once again rapidly approaching. From the corner of his eye, Hork spotted an almost-completed enemy Totem. He stuck his fists out towards it, closed his eyes…

… to be continued!

Flyin’ Goblin is a game by Corentin Lebrat and Théo Rivière, illustrated by Tomasz Larek. Coming out March 2020!

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