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Essen Spiel 2019 Preview


Essen Spiel Preview 2019

It’s October and this means boardgame Christmas is almost here! Every year we do a count down to the last weekend of this month because, Essen Spiel brings friends, families and the newest, shiniest tabletop games under one big roof.  

Essen Spiel or the Essen Game Fair, named after the German city where the event is held, is the world's biggest fair for board games. Publishers big and small debut the games they worked hard on, with the hopes that people bring them home to enjoy.

We at IELLO join the celebration by giving you a sneak peek at what you will play at booth hall 3, O-113 at Essen on October 24 to 27.  Please come and see us!

Curious as to what we're bringing? See our list of games below. 

An Inside Look at Games at Essen SPIEL 2019

Ishtar: Gardens of Babylon

Players: 2-4

Playtime: 45 minutes

Ages: 14+

Award-winning designer Bruno Cathala brings you Ishtar. Save the Lost Hanging Gardens of Babylon, by becoming the best gardener! Plant flowers and trees in the best spots and you will find yourself showered with precious gems. 

8Bit Box: Double Rumble

Players: 1–2 

Playtime: 45 minutes 

Ages: 10+

Do you miss those old school fighting arcade games? Go down memory lane with this expansion to 8Bit Box and relive your glory days. Fight bad guys, and get to that big bad boss at the end of the game to become the toughest fighter on the block!

Decrypto: Laser Drive

Players: 3-8

Playtime: 15–45 minutes


Last year we created a game where two teams worked against each other to intercept and crack coded messages. This year we add an expansion called Laser Drive that shakes up the game and adds a new way to win! With this new expansion, you will try and give clues respecting the theme on the Category card to earn interception tokens.

 King of Tokyo/ New York Cybertooth Monster Pack

Players: 2–6

Playtime: 30 minutes

Ages: 8+

What? A giant two-legged robot that can transform into a fearsome saber-toothed tiger is coming to town? Say no more! 

The Cybertooth Monster Pack is the newest monster expansion to King of Tokyo/New York and comes loaded with a Berserker die for more impact and fun!   

Troll & Dragon

Players: 2–5 

Playtime: 20 minutes

Ages: 7+

Gather all your strength and bravery to face the big Troll and ferocious dragon. Get the most treasures and the King will reward you! 


Little Battle

Players: 3–5

Playtime: 15–20 minutes

Ages: 5+

Are you a board gaming parent and want to introduce the world of tabletop games to your children? Then grab Little Battle, and open the world of drafting to your tiny tot. The game includes a deck of 27 cute animal cards in blue, yellow, and red, with values from 1-10. At the start of a round, players get a hand of five cards, places one of them face down on their longship, passes the cards left, chooses another card, until they have five cards. Easy peasy. By the end of the game, you will have a seasoned gaming mini-me in front of you. 

Zoo Run


Players: 1–5

Playtime: 10–20 minutes

Ages: 4+

Ever dream of helping animals escape the confines of their man-made prison or train them to win the race of the year? Well, now you can live those dreams by playing Zoo Run. Two games in one! Collect the most sets of lama, panda, turtle, elephant or lynx behinds and heads to win. 

Monsieur Carrousel 

Players: 1–6

Playtime: 15 minutes

Ages: 4+

Work together in Monsieur Carrousel to help all of the kids get on the carousel before the rain starts to fall! This game of memory will bring lots of fun to the table.

Are you headed to Essen with us? We look forward to seeing you there! 


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