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An interview with the authors of Ninja Academy

IELLO: Bonjour Sensei!
Kaedama: Hello Little Scarab.
First question: what does it mean to you, to be a Ninja?

To be a ninja is above all to be able to roll! But it is also believing in the surpassing of oneself and in the strength of friendship.

And are all shots allowed to graduate from Ninja Academy?
You must know that honor is at the center of the training of a Ninja. This being said all the shots are allowed ... as long as you respect your opponents!

We mean no offense, O venerable Senseis, but can you tell us who is the best and the worst ninja among you?
Our incredible training allowed us all to be at the top!

More seriously, how did you come up with the idea of ​​making a game about Ninjas?
We are all four fans of Japan and its culture. We also love the Shonen and all that they transmit as value. The theme was there from the beginning of creation. We quickly wanted to make a multiple game that combined dexterity, bluff and all the mechanics that made us want.

Speaking of mechanics, we find in Ninja Academy many sensations similar to those of video games party game (Mario Party, Rabbids Crash, Crash Bash ...). Was it part of your inspirations?
Yes, we have clearly mentioned these multi-event games during development. These are fun experiences that we love a lot!
And to get back to the theme of the game, it was superbly staged by Djib who signs the illustrations of Ninja Academy. Do you like the result?
It is always a pleasure and a great honor to work with Djib Sensei. He had to eat a lot of senzu to be so strong ...
Thank you Sensei!

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