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2019 Gen Con Recap

Gen Con 2019

As gamers ourselves, hearing the words "table-top gaming convention" brings a lot of joy to our lives. The atmosphere, the fun, and sharing a common passion for table-top games helps make a board game convention a really special event. Throughout the year we take part in many conventions, both big and small but one of the largest ones we get to attend is Gen Con

If you are not familiar with it, Gen Con is one of the largest tabletop gaming conventions in North America. As game publishers, being at Gen Con holds a special honor. We pour a lot of heart into our games and in conventions like this one, we get to bring a large part of our team and connect to our board gaming fans by playing some of our classic games and new releases. Some of our team members from our headquarters in France fly in for this event as well! 

Conventions bring that extra boost of fun to social gaming and we always strive to participate in events like these. This year, we had something take us by complete surprise.

As we watched the BoardGameGeek Geekbuzz Leaderboard, we came to see how our board games made the list and quickly climbed to the top! It made us proud to see many of our game releases featured on the BoardGameGeek Top 50 GeekBuzz at Gen Con. Games from our new brand, LOKI (featuring games made just for kids) also made the list! 

This list was fan-voted and we are are very happy to say that we had quite a few games on the list for the BoardGameGeek GeekBuzz Leaderboard for Gen Con 2019! 

BoardGameGeek Geekbuzz Top Games

#1: Ishtar: Gardens of Babylon

#7: Bunny Kingdom In the Sky

Bunny Kingdom in the Sky boardgame by IELLO

#12 Little Town


#30 Legendary Forests


#36 Decrypto: Laser Drive


#37 Kanagawa: YOKAI


#39 SOS Dino


#40 Cybertooth Monster Pack for King of Tokyo/King of New York


#41 High Risk


#46 What? What!

#47 Farmini 

#49 Troll & Dragon


#68 Monsieur Carrousel


Needless to say, we were beyond excited to see how our board gaming family vote for us at Gen Con this year. Gen Con is always an exciting event for us and we can't wait to see what next year has in store. For those who continue to show your support us, we want to say thank you! 

IELLO team at the 2019 Gen Con

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